Towards an Aesthetic in Aphorisms and Quotes

noun. English Language Learners Definition of aesthetic (Entry 2 of 2) : a set of ideas or opinions about beauty or art. : the study of beauty especially in art and literature. : the artistic or beautiful qualities of something.Aesthetic | Definition of Aesthetic by › dictionary › aesthetic I have always loved reading about writers’ philosophies … Continue reading Towards an Aesthetic in Aphorisms and Quotes

Lament: New Years 2021

In the culture of my origin (family culture, and larger white protestant middle class culture), there isn’t much place for lament. I remember looking at National Geographic pictures of people in lament, and even reading about professional mourners. I was puzzled. I lived right next to the church building where my dad was a minister, … Continue reading Lament: New Years 2021

Hammock Time

I began writing this the day after Election Day. The literal season isn’t right for hammocks in many parts of the country, but the emotional season is ripe for Hammock Time.             My adult sons had returned from Brooklyn at the start of the pandemic. They were FaceTiming us as they walked the empty streets … Continue reading Hammock Time

I’m doin’ this!

Informal Bio: This is my design, my purpose. If you are into Enneagrams, I am a solid 4 (The Original Person) with a wing style of a 5, (The Wise Person) In relaxed situations, I am a 1 (Good Person). In stressful situations, I am a 2 (Loving Person). I am a poet. That’s just … Continue reading I’m doin’ this!

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